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Generative Dungeon is the world’s first fully playable, fully customizable, community-driven RPG NFT collection. That’s right, these aren’t simply collectible portraits you can use in a game, but rather each NFT is a full-fledged game in and of itself. The game is the NFT.

What is Generative Dungeon?


Generative Dungeon was released in October 2021 as a collection of 3000 unique, Playable NFTs. No download to play. Play the NFT on Opensea. Instant start RPG. Not the first, but one of the most advanced Playable NFTs for the era. When opening the collection to the public, it sold out in about 5 seconds.

Generative Dungeon Opensea

The game in itself is a lot of fun and contains a lot of depth. 20 Different playable avatars all with their own special abilities meaning many hours of fun factor play time.


The project then released an editor for each of the owners of these NFTs.
This allowed owners to edit each floor of their game into a style they wanted. Adding their own lore, puzzles, beautiful scenery or add their brand to the game.


If that wasn’t cool enough, Generative Avatars was released. Any owner of one of the NFTs could now mint a free GA NFT. These NFTs were a PFP collection with the works added!

2x PFP (Animated and Pixel), Its own theme song, you can play as that avatar inside the original NFT (Yes. Playing an NFT inside of another NFT on Opensea NFT marketplace!) and plot twist…

The GA NFT is also playable on its own. Press the sword icon and you enter a deathmatch arena with up to 32 players! You can even play multiplayer on Opensea!


All this time you have been reading is just because I wanted to show you the background. Give you an idea how far this has really gone.

Generative Quests

GD has just released an expansion to the original NFT called Generative Quests.


This expansion takes the 2D NFT and transforms it into an Unreal Engine 5, 3D, multiplayer (8 people) adventure game. With the dark fear of Diablo2, the inventory like from Dungeon Siege, Massive environment like Divinity, this game will have every RPG frothing with excitement. Without needing to know its an NFT/Web3 game.

The game is free to play and will have a lot of extra dynamics and other accessories added in the future. PVP, PVE, P2W,P&E

With a recent update, Generative Quests now has the power to play all 2600 Generative Avatars, in a UE5 3D environment.

The future of NFT gaming is here now. That future is. Generative Dungeon. Playable NFTs.




Generative Dungeon is a project with a great utility, their hard work, hustle and patience paid off. The project is still a success and their future is bright.

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