Smols Run – Hamster racing adventures

Smols Run is a live-action cross-chain DeFi racing game coming soon from the Blast L2. Enjoy this very new crypto project.


What is Smols Run?


The smols are lovable pet hamsters that engage in friendly competition and light mischief across a growing system of tracks, mazes and landscapes.

Slowly but surely an entire smol city will develop with more tracks, more games and a whole ecosystem of NFT-powered interactive contraptions.

Smols Run is a very new project with a innovative idea and a fast working team.


Smols Run Features

Live streaming
Broadcasting of races, special events and smol daily life snippets on Twitch, Tiktok and other streaming platforms.

Rev sharing
Token staking rewards will aggregate multiple revenue streams: part of active pots, a portion of trading fees and Blast native yield.

On-chain gaming
Fully on-chain provably fair and transparent gaming mechanics with 100% free operation for users thanks to Blast layer 2 native gas rebate.


The Run

The Run is a live-streamed hamster race in which users can bet on the winner.

For each round, 5 of the 10 smols take charge of special smol racing karts or big shiny spheres and roll down a track to victory.

The track is straight, 5.00m(~16ft) in length and starts off at a slight angle to ensure that all smols set off at the same time.

After the first 1.00m(~3ft), it’s all up to the best smol to cross the finish line before all others and claim victory for its supporters.

There is a maximum 10 minutes time limit for every round. If the round goes over the time limit, victory defaults to the smol further along the track.

The Run begins every day after 6:00pm GMT and goes on for several rounds up until 00:00am GMT at most.

London: 18:00 – 00:00
New York: 13:00 – 19:00
Los Angeles: 10:00 – 16:00


Upcoming Games

– The Smols Run
Five professional racing smols hurry down a straight track to victory in this live-streamed daily event.
Pick your favourite for a chance to win the pot and claim your place on the smol leaderboard.

– Smols Carnival Derby
Remember the mechanical horse derby arcade game? This one will be a lot more interesting.
A pair of dice, on-chain randomness and a mechanical track live-streamed 24/7 for sheer racing enjoyment.
Lead one of the 10 mechanical smols to victory and claim your well-earned prize.

– Stay the Course (Smol Marathon)
A digital endurance race that lasts for 48 hours straight.

– The Road of Many Cheeses (Smol Maze)

– Indiana Smols and the Temple of Broom
This time around, the smols have to outrun imminent danger across a narrow pathway, Dr. Jones-style.
How many will make it out in time? Who will win the race and claim the treasure hidden within?


Smol Future

Their ultimate goal is to create a fun and engaging DeFi gaming experience for users and a safe, healthy environment for their furry friends that culminates in an epically smol megacity, complete with everything the smols could ever wish for.

– Smol games
The current version of the Smol Run is only the first iteration. More tracks, more play modes and a lot more games will be available as they develop the Smol Universe.

– Smol habitat
The smols start out in comfortable yet modest housing which we will gradually build into an awe-inspiring mechanized miniature metropolis with interactive gamification elements: Project Smolville.

– Smol fam
“Smols Run” want to offer the community one of the most memorable experiences in DeFi. Airdrops, raids, special bonuses and live interactive sessions with the smols will ensure hours upon hours of raw, unadulterated fun every day.


Smols Token

The Smols are powered by XXS (Smol Token), the staple of their circular economy

The Smol token (XXS) starts out as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and is bridged to Blast (ERC20) for community and full on-chain games operation.

XXS Token Metrics
Total Supply: 100,000,000 XXS
Initial Circulating Supply: 40,000,000 XXS

Blast Trading Tax
Buy & Sell Tax 0.0%

Ethereum Uniswap Trading Tax
Buy & Sell Tax 3% (1% Staking Pool, 1% Smols Fund, 1% Team)

XXS Initial Token Allocation Structure
Token Sale 20.0%
Liquidity Vault 10.0%
Prize Pool 10.0%
Marketing 15.0%
Staking Pool 20.0%
Treasury 15.0%
Team 10.0%

Sale details at


Airdrop Teaser

Participants will perform the usual tasks (twitter, join tg) to receive in-game balance. Optionally participating in a few test runs will greatly increase airdrop size.

Start date: Tuesday apr 23
Total value: 50,000 USD
Max participants: 2000

Details will be announced on X/Twitter



Smols is a small, very young and new project with a innovative idea which is also new. We are very excited to see how and if Smols will grow in the future, we like how their website is designed and the team seems solid!

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