Evo Chain Trust Fund Project Review

Evo Chain Trust Fund is a very new crypto project launched on the Binance Smart Chain and plans to expand on their own Evo Chain soon. Enjoy this Evo Chain Trust Fund Project Review.
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What is Evo Chain Trust Fund (ECTF)?


Evo Chain Trust Fund uses a innovative trading bot which intelligently leverages opportunities to make profits with their own Trust Fund which grows trough Buy and Sell Tax on their Token. Monthly expected daily profit for the fund: 1.3-3.5%
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Evo Chain Trust Fund Token

The Evo Chain Token is currently live on the Binance Smart Chain. You can buy it trough Pancakeswap or other DEX’s.

Evo Chain Trust Fund Token Contract Address: 0x99C0c24A22fFe4F9d25Db3CF518C33C4cd595A69

The Token has a Buy Tax of 5% and a Sell Tax of 10%, so keep in mind to adjust your slippage while buying their Token.

On the date of writing this (18th March 2024) the Evo Chain Token has 73 Holders, a price of $0.0446 and a Marketcap of $140k. All this data shows that the token is in its very early age and has a huge potential.

EvoChainTrustFund Token Informations

Token Buy-Back and Burn

On the 1st of every month, Evo Chain will utilize 25% of the accumulated fees to repurchase and burn EVO Trust Fund Tokens. This reduces token availability and boosts demand.

EvoCTF Roadmap

Below you can find the Roadmap of Evo Chain. As we mentioned, the project is still in its very early days.
Evo Chain Trust Fund Roadmap



Evo Chain Trust Fund is a interesting project with a very good growing Trust Fund. Their Trading Bot works well, the community is a small & very kind family and the project team is made out of german’s which are known in the german crypto space.
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Evo Chain Trust Fund Socials


Website: https://ectf.world/
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/evotrustfund
Telegram: https://t.me/evotrustfund
Evo Chain Trust Fund Contract Address on BSC:



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