Crypticorn – AI Token Revolution

Crypticorn is a ambitious Project which plans to revolutionize AI Trading with their new Tools.
In this Article we explain their future goals and how it will change your Crypto Trading
positively with the power of AI Tools.

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What is Crypticorn?


Crypticorn is a Crypto Project specialized on the developing of AI Tools for more profitable trading of Crypto Currencies. Soon Crypticorn wants to expand into the Stock and Forex Sector. This will help the Project to gain a bigger Community. Crypticorn also has its own Token, $AIC which is currently in a ICO Stage.

Crypticorn AI Tools


Crypticorn offers 4 different AI Tools for a more profitable trading experience. Currently, you need to invest a minimum of 300 Dollars to get access to the AI Tools.

Once the ICO is completed, the AI Tools will be available for people which hold a specific minimum amount of $AIC Tokens, or for people which pay a monthly subscription fee.

1. Price Prediction Dashboard


The Price Prediction Dashboard is a Dashboard which gives you a prediction if the price of a major crypto currency is going up or down in the next 6 hours. The informations are provided by a AI.

The predicted price movement is visualized in a Chart (provided by Tradingview) with a very good System to see where the price will move to at the highest chance. This currently works for all major crypto currencies only.

Price Prediction Dashboard

2. AI Signals


With AI Signals, Crypticorn establishes a great way to get notified about interesting trading situations. Their AI, which is not linked to ChatGPT, uses advanced technologies combined with deep learning and machine learning to predict cryptocurrency prices and trading signals.

The AI is online 24/7 and manages the risk perfectly, to offer maximum performance with minimal risk during every market cycle. To receive those Signals, you need a Telegram or Discord Account.

AI Signals

3. AI Trading Bots


AI trading bots are designed for different risk levels and tailored to specific coins. Their trading bots execute trades fully automated so you can stay ahead of the market.
Below you see the latest backtest. Crypticorn AI’s trading bot (+68%) outperforms Bitcoin (+15%).


4. Dex/DeFi AI

Dex/DeFi AI will be available soon, their planned usecase is that you will be able to uncover valuable insights on promising or risky decentralised crypto tokens and NFT projects with sentiment analysis. Stay informed and make smarter investment decisions with our DEX AI.

Crypticorn Token and how to invest

Currently there is a possibility to participate in a ICO, we will explain how and also talk about the $AIC Tokenomics

$AIC Tokenomics


$AIC Is the native Token of the Crypticorn Ecosystem. It is a ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Total supply is 100,000,000 Tokens. Below you’ll find the detailed overview of the Tokenomics.

Crypticorn Tokenomics scaled

How to buy $AIC


The $AIC Token ICO is currently live, you can participate in one of 6 public investment rounds. The earlier you are, the cheaper the price is. Currently the $AIC price in round 2 is $0.027. Later, the listing price after the ICO will be at $0.07. You can buy $AIC in the ICO using USDT, ETH, BNB or Matic.



The Crypticorn ICO is a great way to participate in the future development in AI Tools and AI Trading. It seems like they are offering great AI Tools to maximize trading profits, this is overwhelming and can result in a significant price increase after the ICO.

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No Financial Advice. Please always do your own research. We are not responsible for any losses.

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