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BlockRock is a community Crypto Project launched already over 2 years ago. BlockRock has a ecosystem of 3 Projects, BlockRock itself, GainSpot and soon BRAINS on Ethereum.

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What is BlockRock?


BlockRock is a unique crypto community project aimed at reducing the power of large investors in the markets and distributing the resulting profits to the broader population. To achieve this, they are fully managed and controlled by the investors themselves, with all decisions made collectively and democratically. The key to success is the intelligence of the masses.


BlockRock Ecosystem

Their Ecosystem has 3 different Tokens: – BlockRock (BRO$) The first and main Token of the BlockRock Ecosystem. Established on the Binance Smart Chain, already launched over 2 years ago with a current market cap of over $600,000. – GainSpot (GAIN$) GainSpot operates on the same successful system of BlockRock, but focuses more on investing in smaller and riskier projects. -Bros & Gains (BRAIN$) The BRAIN$ Token is the expansion of BlockRock and GainSpot into the Ethereum Ecosystem.
BlockRock Ecosystem

How does the BlockRock System work?

The system is simple and perfect at the same time. Their tokens have transaction fees (8% on buys & 10% on sells), so each time someone buys or sells BlockRocks tokens, they use the transaction fees to buy community investments. These community investments generate profits, the profits are used to buyback and burn BlockRocks Tokens. This process is a never ending cycle which leads to a ever growing community portfolio. At the time of writing this article, BRO$ has a community capital of over $430,000 and more then 1750 Holders.


BRO$ Tokenomics

BlockRock’s BRO$ Token has a total supply of 1000,000,000
Token Split:
39,17% for the presale
23,30% for burnings
19,03% for liquidity
7,50% for the team
4% for marketing
4% for development
3% for additional liquidity


BRO$ Investment Reports

The Team is very serious, detailed and transparent about their Investment Reports. On their Website you can find their Investment Reports. This year they already released 4 of them. They also share their Wallet Addresses, the exact investment amounts & profits and many more. A very detailed and very good overview.

All of the assets are owned by the community and were built using only collected transaction fees. Each BRO$ token reflects a share of the community assets.


BRO$ Transaction Fees

As the concept relies on transaction fee’s, it is important to know how the transaction fee’s will be used.

Every buy has a 8% fee. Every sell has a 10% fee.

50% of the transaction fees are allocated towards development. These funds are used for additional liquidity on trading platforms, marketing campaigns, and expanding the team. This helps to ensure that the project is constantly improving and evolving to meet the needs of its users.

50% of transaction fees are made available for the community to invest in various crypto assets. The project has a well-defined investment strategy that allocates funds to different assets. The strategy includes 7.5% in BTC, 7.5% in ETH, 5% in BNB, 40% in ALTCOINS, and 40% in LPS. This diversified approach helps to minimize risk and maximize returns for the community.


BlockRock Roadmap

A lot of their tasks on their roadmap are already finished as they are already working a long time on their project. But still, there are many tasks which the team is working on and wants to achieve in the next years.

Huge milestones in the future are:
– Launch of BRAIN$ on the Ethereum blockchain
– 5.000 BRO$-Holder
– First investments in the real economy
– $1,000,000 Community Portfolio
– Launch of the BlockRock blockchain
– The first Bro Cafes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

As you can see, the team has a vision and is working hard to achieve this milestones.


BlockRock Team

The team behind the project is continuously growing and working voluntarily to give the Project a structure. They have no advantages over a normal holder and work for the benefit of the community, not for their own personal gain. Every BRO$ token holder can also become an official team member.




It is a project which is founded by a team that takes action, is serious about their community and does its best to create a good environment for new investors. The community is very active, since they are german they also have a german community group in which they are active daily.

BlockRock Socials


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