21 Million Finance – Token backed by Crypto

21 Million Finance is a Crypto project with a unique token backed by multiple cryptocurrencies and equipped with an innovative hybrid burning mechanism, live on the Binance Smart Chain.
Enjoy this 21 Million Crypto Project Review.
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What is 21 Million Finance?


21Million Finance is a gold-inspired decentralized cryptocurrency that matches its value with the likes of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other leading cryptocurrencies. The goal is to create a stable and trustworthy digital store of value that overcomes the volatility of crypto markets and uses it to get a advantage.

The stability of 21Million is strengthened by a dynamic exchange relationship with the underlying cryptocurrencies in the community portfolio. This strategy gives $21M (21 Million Token) a solid foundation and gives users confidence that its value is growing.

In a world of uncertainty and loss of value, 21Million offers a well-designed and flexible way to preserve value in the digital currency space.

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What makes 21 Million Finance so unique?

21 Million Finance has a lot of different unique features and benefits for Token Holders.

1. Community Porfolio
The Community Portfolio hedges the $21M token with a 1:1 ratio of its assets, strengthening the $21M price over the long term.

2. Proof of Funds
All wallets from the Community Portfolio are publicly viewable on the blockchain and are securely stored on hardware or MultiSig wallets.

3. Portfolio Swap
After a successful build-up phase of the Portfolio, there is an option for each $21M holder to swap $21M for various cryptocurrencies from the Portfolio.

4. Hybrid Burning Mechanism
All tokens swapped on the Portfolio Swap will be completely burned, and therefore permanently removed from the market.

5. Buyback & Burn
In addition to the unique Burning Mechanism, 2% of the trading volume goes into the Buyback & Burn program each month.

6. Historical low supply
With the low supply of 21,000,000 tokens and the fast moving burn, the number of $21M in circulation will rapidly reduce.

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Hybrid Burning explained

Hybrid Burning is an innovative and unique way to strongly drive the shortage of supply of 21Million tokens.

In addition to traditional burning, which is integrated via buying and selling fees, 21Million also gives you the option to burn tokens independently.

How it works:
Every 21Million token that you exchange directly via 21Million’s portfolio swap for a cryptocurrency of your choice from the community portfolio is burned at 100%.

Community Portfolio


The community portfolio contains cryptocurrencies that cover the value of $21M additional. In Phase 1, the following cryptocurrencies were deposited as collateral for investors: BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, ADA, XRP, MATIC, and BNB.

Each purchase and sale of 21Million tokens incurs transaction fees, which are used proportionately (3% of every Buy/Sell) to continuously grow the community portfolio and increase the existing cover ratio.

The community portfolio of 21Million represents the basis of the liquidity pool for the portfolio swap.

21 Million Finance Community Portfolio

21 Million Finance Tokenomics


Token Max Supply: 21.000.000 (21 Million) Token

8% Buy Tax, 8% Sell Tax
3% for the Community Portfolio
2% for Buyback&Burn
2% for Marketing
1% for the Liquidity Pool (LP)

This means, each time someone buys $21M or sells $21M, the Community Portfolio becomes bigger, the Token price rises because the circulating supply reduces trough the burning mechanism and the Liquidity Pool becomes bigger. A perfectly used mechanism to ensure that 21 Million will grow continuously.

21 Million Finance Tokenomics

Token Distribution


21 Million’s Token Distribution is very important and well structured, here we can see that:

50% were sold in the Presale, 10% went into the Community Portfolio with a 1 Year locking, 10% and 5% were added as CEX LP and DEX LP, the Team received 10% with a 5% vesting monthly, later there are also Airdrops planned so 21Million reserves 2% for future Airdrops, 5% went into Marketing and 8% for the future Development of the 21Million Ecosystem and Server Infrastructure.

21 Million Finance Token Distribution

21 Million Finance Roadmap


Future goals are as important as the Token features itself, 21 Million Finance has a vision and a roadmap with very important milestones.

It is splitted in 3 phases, most of the things in phase 1 are already done which means that 21 Million Finance is slowly moving on to phase 2 and into the publishing of the Voting dApp and the $21M Portfolio Swap which are exciting features and might push the price up again!

21 Million Finance Roadmap



21 Million Finance is a Project with a new kind of way how to interact with the community. Through the Community Portfolio, Voting dApp & Portfolio Swap they created something that is rare to see.

As the Binance Smart Chain is evolving again in the current bullrun we are excited to see what will happen with the 21 Million Finance Chart once their new Features (Voting dApp & Portfolio Swap) are published!

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Connect with 21 Million Finance


Website: 21million.finance
Twitter Account: twitter.com/21MillionToken
Telegram: t.me/Token21Million
21 Million Finance Contract Address on BSC:



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