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uShark is a Crypto Project with its own Token on the TRC20 Tron Blockchain. The innovative idea to combine Crypto Community Investing with Startups is great. Enjoy this uShark Crypto Project Review.
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What is uShark?


uShark is the perfect bridge between investors and revolutionary (game-changing) companies. Every single investor has the opportunity to support companies that have the potential to become a unicorn.

It is your Key to the World of Startups!

You can:

– Participate in the rewards of aspiring startups and share in their success.

– Purchase services from uShark’s partners and receive exclusive offers.

– Become a member of the prestigious Elite Club by acquiring NFTs and enjoy VIP treatment along with special rewards.

– Support new startups through crowdfunding and actively contribute to the growth of the innovative entrepreneurial landscape.

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Market one: Startups

uShark works together with 12+ startups from small to big. They are attentive to great investment opportunities in promising startups around the world. The companies in their portfolio are visionary, determined, disruptive and will change the future of business for the better. Some startups in their list are: Agroper, AgHolmes, Dioxd, Fire Limit, Kalliandra & SScrop.
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Market two: Own Token


uShark released a own token. The Token is on the Tron Blockchain (TRC20) and is tradeable on BitMart, MEXC, and more coming soon. It is also listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

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uShark Token Details & Features


Token Max Supply: 5.7B
Token Circulating Supply: 1B

uShark Token Features:

– Deflationary
When company shares are sold, uShark will be repurchased, making it more scarce and therefore deflationary.

– Activity Rewards
Earn more rewards through your community engagement.

– Staking
To participate in staking you need at least a Bronze NFT.

– Payment
Use uShark as a payment token for any uShark partner.

– Use for voting
As an Elite Club NFT holder, you have exclusive voting rights, and 1000 uShark is equivalent to 1 vote.

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Market Three: uShark Elite Club


Buying a uShark Elite Club NFT gives you access to many awesome perks. All NFTs entitle you to lifetime benefits like airdrops, staking, voting rights in the DAO, special prices for Platfair education and OTC Token. Click here for a guide about purchasing the NFTs The Elite Club NFT is offered in three different levels: Gold Level Silver Level Bronze Level The Gold and Silver levels have a maximum supply of 500 Gold NFTs and 1500 Silver NFTs. The Bronze level has an unlimited supply.
uShark NFT Holder Benefits

Some Important Elite Club Informations:
– Staking pools are available in 3, 6, 12 and 18 month duration with a fix APR.
– 10% discount in the merchandise shop. The income will be used for ongoing expenses and charity.
– The number of voting rights depends on the amount of tokens held. 1000 uShark is equal to one vote.
– With platfair education you can buy 3, 6, or 12 month memberships.
– Payments for Platfair are possible with USHARK and USDT.
– A certain portion of profits are paid out in USDT.
– uShark OTC Token deals – 50% Bonus is instantaneous and the rest will be locked for 2 years.
– The income from uShark investments will be used for new investments.
– The trading fees from usage of uShark will be used for ongoing costs.

uShark’s Team


A well experienced team is very important. Specially in the Crypto space where we often talk about millions of dollars. uShark’s Team is experienced and doxxed which makes them more trustworthy and seriously involved into the Project. The Team is big, so we will just share 3 members with you: – Geraldo Marques Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) With A Clear Vision And Dedication To Innovation, The Harvard Business School Alumni Geraldo Marques Is At The Forefront Of The Blockchain And Tokenization Revolution, Steering the Project Towards New Horizons. – Benjamin Ullmann Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ushark stands for innovation in blockchain, start-ups and tokenization. Through my experience in the IT world and connection to blockchain and business experience, I will take this Project to new horizons. – Mario Euchner Chief Technology Officer (CTO) I have been an entrepreneur since 2009. I still work as a consultant in the e-commerce sector and for IT services. As an investor, I have been in the crypto market since 2021 and am enthusiastic about blockchain technology.


uShark’s Token is a interesting opportunity to invest in a new kind of crypto projects. Specially the fact that the Token is on the TRC20 Tron Blockchain sounds very interesting for us. Its worth it to have a detailed look, so join their Community and get to know each other!
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