Icarus Alveychain – Community Growth Token

Icarus is a project on a small Blockchain called Alveychain. Currently Icarus expands their already successful project to other Blockchains like Binance Smart Chain. This Overview is co-written by the Team itself to make sure all informations are correct.

What is Icarus Alveychain?


ICARUS Alveychain is a trailblazing project across the Alvey Chain, Binance Smart Chain and beyond, dedicated to enhancing community engagement, rewards and offering native reflections.

Recognized as the first Community Growth Token, ICARUS combines advanced technology, active community participation, and substantial growth opportunities.

Its unique selling proposition includes native reflections in ALV (on the Alveychain) and BNB (on the Binance Smart Chain), an array of community-centric activities, and the innovative ICARUS Acolyte Collection NFTs.

Embracing the motto, “Up or Down, Holders Always Win” ICARUS ensures its investors are always rewarded.

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Icarus Alveychain Core Principles and Activities

Community Engagement: At the heart of ICARUS are its community-driven initiatives like Chat2Earn, enabled by partnerships with platforms like CHAPPY, Zealy Sprints, Buy Competitions, and Meme Challenges. These activities not only make the user experience enriching but drive genuine growth. Tokenomics Designed for Growth: ICARUS features thoughtfully planned tokenomics with 1 trillion tokens allocated for liquidity, community rewards, and development, ensuring the project’s long-term vision and stability. Passive Income Through Reflections: ICARUS stands out for its passive income potential, offering ALV and BNB reflections directly to holders’ wallets. The project’s tax strategy includes a 5% buy and 10% sell tax, with 40% allocated for reflections, empowering holders regardless of market dynamics. Tax Distribution: 40% $ALV/$BNB reflections to holders 10% to Liquidity Pool 30% for Community Initiatives 10% for NFT Reflections 10% for Development

NFT and Community Growth


The ICARUS Acolyte Collection enriches the ecosystem with authentic artistic NFTs that earn a percentage of tax on trades, fostering a deeper connection within the community and offering governance through the ICARUS DAO.

Educational and Collaborative Growth


A cornerstone of ICARUS Alveychain is its commitment to crypto education and the latest project insights and educational video content. This initiative not only educates but encourages active participation and sharing within the community.

Multi-Chain Expansion for Diverse Income:

Expanding to BSC and exploring further growth into Ethereum Layer 2 networks, like Poly, ARB, BASE, ICARUS aims to diversify its ecosystem, offering reflections across various native tokens and amplifying the potential for passive income.

Joining ICARUS: A Strategic Move:


Being part of ICARUS Alveychain means engaging in a project that values passive income, community engagement, and sustainable growth. With ongoing development and strategic partnerships, ICARUS is a promising investment for those seeking a vibrant community and consistent rewards.



ICARUS Alveychain represents a blend of innovation, community, and passive income, making it an attractive investment opportunity. Engage with ICARUS and become part of a project where growth, education, and rewards are central to its ethos.

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